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Theater Policies

Safety First
Please be aware that for the security of our guests, we search all individuals and items before entering the auditorium areas.

Quiet, Please!
As a courtesy to the musicians and the audience, please keep noise to a minimum during the performance. Please turn off all electronic devices during performances, including mobile phones, pagers, watch alarms, portable devices, and video games.

Camera Policy
Flash photography, professional-camera or recording equipment, tripods, audio/video recording devices, laser pointers, or other electronic devices, are prohibited.

Late Seating
As a courtesy to the performers and the audience, latecomers will not be seated until the earliest appropriate program break, at the discretion of management. Please note that certain programs are performed without intermission, and therefore, no late seating will be permitted at those programs.

Tickets for Children
There is no minimum age for admittance to the Masonic. We do ask that everyone, regardless of age, be able to sit quietly through a program without being disruptive. Ushers may ask the parents of disruptive children to remove them from the theater. The mangagement reserve the right to revoke admission and refund the ticket price, excluding service charges. Children ages two and up must have a regular-price ticket to enter the theater and must sit in the seat indicated. Children under two do not require a ticket. Management may require baby strollers and carrying devices to be stored in the operations office.

House Bill 4377 prohibits smoking in public areas. The Masonic has designated areas where smoking is allowed. Violators will be subject to removal.