Welcome to the Masonic

Film Production

The Masonic is the only State-of-Michigan certified Qualified Film Production Facility in Detroit. A long list of services were required for the 1st-run production appearing in this 4-panorama 360-tour, including significant office space, equipment storage, laundry, a large costume area, food service, set locations, equipment-staging areas, security services, and a large enclosed parking area for equipment trucks. The Masonic is also a State-of-Michigan certified Post-Production Facility because it can provide significant temporary office space (see accountant at work in the fourth panorama). As of early 2017, the Masonic Complex has hosted over 57 cinematic productions. Our thanks to Tina and Denise for their assistance.

To advance the tour, click/tap on The Masonic icon that will float into view as you move around a panorama.