Welcome to the Masonic

Detroit Economic Club

Although the Detroit Economic Club meets at various venues in the Detroit area, the club has met at The Masonic for many, many years. Meetings usually begin with a reception in the Chapel and/or Parlor on Level 3. A well known, accomplished speaker is then featured during a luncheon in the Crystal Ballroom, where video, sound, and lighting add to the elegant atmosphere of the room.

From the website of the DEC, "The Detroit Economic Club (DEC) was formed in 1934 as a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to the discussion and debate of important business, government and social issues. The DEC continues to provide a platform for distinguished international dignitaries and business leaders, who represent the changing global environment. It is known internationally as an important venue for prominent business and government leaders - a forum they can use to explore issues that will help shape the dynamic 21st century economic environment. The DEC is proud to have hosted every U.S. President since Richard Nixon. Our speakers are CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, U.S. Cabinet members, and other senior state and national government officials. Major announcements are often first delivered at our podium."

In this 4-panorama tour of the setup for the Detroit Economic Club, you will begin out on the floor of the Crystal Ballroom, and even get a view from the balcony.

To advance the tour, click/tap on The Masonic icon that will float into view as you move around a panorama.