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During a week-long maintenance period, the spectacular chandeliers in the Masonic Theater were cleaned and all bulbs were replaced. Each chandelier, suspended by a 3/4-inch cable wound around a hand-cranked worm-gear winch, was lowered approximately six stories. Ten electrical circuits power 94 bulbs in each chandelier (11,000 watts). The chandeliers are 10 1/2 feet high and about 60 inches in diameter. Corrado Parducci, the artist whose adaptation of a castle in Palermo, Italy, became the great main lobby of The Masonic, also designed these chandeliers. Parducci's drawings were sent to the Sterling Bronze Company in New York, where his stunning conceptions were realized. Parducci also designed other lighting fixtures throughout the building. At the time, The Masonic's total lighting-fixture order was the largest ever.

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